Skill Development Pyramid

Overview 1.  Practice Time The longest Practice Time line is on Technique. The Technique is to make the movement instinctual or automatic based upon the opponent’s strategy. The shortest Practice Time line is on the Will level, when you as the player are calm but determined to win. Seeing the opponent’s intent... More

A Statistical Case for 3s

3s shooting percentages equivalent to 2s shooting percentages as per equal points scored. Thus taking 20 shots, the following is equal percentages: 3’s Equals 2’s 20% 12 points 30% 30% 18 points 45% 40% 24 points 60% 50% 30 points 75% 60% 36 points 90% 70% 42 points ... More

Michael Jordan – The Best And Most Complete Game

Take the mystique away from the name, then we can take a look at his game. Technique Considerations The triple threat – the catch and shoot, low dribble, threat position with the ball in both hands inches from the floor (among others) –gives Michael the track-type explosive spring starting position, for an explosive ... More

Larry Bird – The Ultimate “Will”

What made Larry Bird great? It was certainly not his speed of foot or great jumping ability. Larry said he would not have done very well in the modern day “combine” in assessing professional basketball talent, so a key to the rookies is to understand and develop the Focus and Will level of their game. Technique The ... More

Sir Charles Barkley – Rebounding

Charles Barkley’s “one-liners” are often confusing and misunderstood. offers its insights on this controversial basketball player, and the subject of rebounding. Should you box out or should you just go get the ball? At 6’ 6” and 285 pounds, playing the power forward position, rebounding was ... More

Ray Allen’s Shooting 3’s

Ray is a shooting specialist, a marksman, a modern day jump shot 2’s and 3’s classic shooter Ray’s free throw technique is an extension of his release point for his 3’s. Ray is a very high percentage shooter, and his body has naturally absorbed his shooting technique over time, so it is instinctual and reactive. ... More

Allen Iverson – A One-on-One Specialist

Perfection in Technique, Rhythm, and Squeeze Speed, speed, and more speed. That’s Allen Iverson, a 6′ point guard who wrote the book on small, speed point guards. Where Magic wrote the book on the “two-beat” position big point guard and the big style of dribbling and shooting, Allen Iverson set the stage for ... More

Magic Johnson’s Focus

Magic, illusion, surprise, deception, a seemingly impossible feat; that’s Magic Johnson The key for rookies is that everything must fit. It is necessary not only to have each level of your skill levels perfect, but each skill level must contribute to the complete and entire game. At 6’ 9” and playing the point ... More