Sir Charles Barkley – Rebounding

Charles Barkley’s “one-liners” are often confusing and misunderstood. offers its insights on this controversial basketball player, and the subject of rebounding. Should you box out or should you just go get the ball?

At 6’ 6” and 285 pounds, playing the power forward position, rebounding was Charles Barkley’s trademark. When asked if he had a choice between boxing out or getting the ball, Sir Charles answered, “Forget boxing out and just grab the damn ball.” This classic Charles Barkley remark is open to a thousand different interpretations. is giving you its interpretation.

First of all, Sir Charles was one of the most feared rebounders in pro basketball. Sir Charles didn’t become a feared rebounder by letting any of his opponents step in front of him, jump over him from behind, grab or hold, push or shove in such a way to keep him from getting a rebound. So let’s take a look at Sir Charles – the man who put power into forwards.


Claiming floor space – Sir Charles used his hips, thighs, and butt to create a platform on which to explode into the air and grab the rebound. Do you have any idea how much energy it takes to lift 285 pounds several feet off the ground? Just grab a 285-pound barbell and lift it several feet off the ground. This will give you some idea of the amount of power it takes for Sir Charles to rebound. When Sir Charles uses his body weight and strength to claim floor space for rebounding it’s not Sir Charles that moves, it’s the opposition. Sir Charles’ Technique of creating floor space is specific to his natural body build and talents.


The Rhythm in Sir Charles’ rebounding is really a “two-beat” system; first, getting position (clearing floor space) and second, exploding into the air and grabbing the rebound. It should be noted that this “two-beat” system is consistent to Sir Charles’ “two-beat” system for shooting the basketball, as well as rebounding. Sir Charles gets in position first, then either rebounds or shoots the basketball, everything consistent with his “two-beat” style.


The Squeeze part of the rebound is the transfer of force to first clear floor space against the opponent and then to explode into the air and lift his 285 pounds of force into the opposition. When in the air, he uses his arms, chest and back to grab the rebound. The Technique, Rhythm and Squeeze level is a formidable force against anyone, at any time, and in any situation when it comes to rebounding.


The Focus is from Peripheral Vision to Target Vision. First Sir Charles reads the flight of the ball, his desired position on the floor, and the position of his own teammates and the opposition players. Seeing through their rebounding strategy, Charles enacts a strategy that clears the way for his rebounding such that there is no opposition. The Target Vision comes at the last second to grab the rebound. The Will or “Void” part of Sir Charles’ rebounding occurs in the act of clearing floor space and air space, using his immense power to eliminate the opposition. Thus Sir Charles’ statement “just grab the ball” is accurate. Sir Charles meant if you focus on boxing out, specifically, then that’s all you do, and you might only a few rebounds, if any at all. Sir Charles is calm but determined in his rebounding, clearing floor space and air space, and playing in the “Void” where there is no opposition – “just grab the ball.”

Thank you, Sir Charles, for your tip on rebounding. It has been extremely interesting and effective.



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