Ray Allen’s Shooting 3’s

Ray is a shooting specialist, a marksman, a modern day jump shot 2’s and 3’s classic shooter

Ray’s free throw technique is an extension of his release point for his 3’s. Ray is a very high percentage shooter, and his body has naturally absorbed his shooting technique over time, so it is instinctual and reactive. Ray is a natural sharp-shooting sniper from the 3-point line.

Ray Allen is a 3-point shooting champion. He makes more 3-point shots than anyone who has ever played professional basketball. Ray also shoots an extremely high percentage on his shots. Therefore, anything Ray says should be looked at and analyzed, as it is extremely valuable to anyone wishing to improve their 3-point shooting or jump shot shooting game. Ray’s accurate sharp shooting 3’s will be his legacy.

The 3-point shooting technique begins at the foul line when his body position is classic – feet, hips, and shoulders exactly the same from the head to the floor. His free throw shooting is actually his release point for his 3-point shooting. Ray has developed such an efficient 2- and 3-point stroke form, from his feet through his whole body into his wrist and finger release, that the body energy is subtle while the wrist and fingers take on the most observable form. Ray shoots above 90% free throw accuracy. This is practice for his jump shot, 2’s and 3’s release point. Every time he shoots a jump shot or a 3-point shot, it is practice for his free throws. Every time he shoots a free throw it is practice for his 3-point shot or his 2-point jump shot.

3’s Technique

Ideally Ray has a “one-beat,” 1-stroke, jump shot with his shoulders, hips, feet and legs all in a straight, power-efficient line, thus no wasted energy and an extremely efficient stroke.[1] [2]


Ray uses a “one-beat,” catch and shoot Rhythm with his smooth, efficient 1-stroke shot. Ray’s idea is that your practice should be your game, and your game should be your practice.


Ray is calm but determined. His feet and body position are always the same – his legs, hips, shoulders, back, and arms. Every shot is identical to the last, and the last is identical to the first. Consistency is possible even to the extent that lay-ups feel like 3’s and 3’s feel like lay-ups.


Peripheral Vision is movement without the ball. It is possible to control your own players as well as the opposition players by moving without the ball. Your movement or your scoring does not solely depend on your own players that control the ball. You can control the other players’ movement, both defensively and offensively, by moving without the ball. Ray Allen is a perfect compliment to Dwyane Wade and Lebron James. Who’s the leader? You really don’t know, nor does it really matter. What matters is using Peripheral Vision to play in the “Void,” where there is no opposition.

When Ray Allen uses Target Vision, he looks at the basket for a longer time period than most other players. It begins at the explosion with the feet, and the lift is when Ray Allen begins to focus in on his target, changing from Peripheral Vision to Target Vision. He reserves plenty of time for himself to be calm and determined so as to accurately squeeze off his sniper shot.

Will or “Void”

Make no mistake about it, Ray Allen, Kyle Korver, and Bill Russell all play in the “Void,” where there is no competition, through moving without the ball. Knowing that Lebron James can score on almost anyone in a 1-on-1 situation, Ray Allen moves into a position that forces his opposing player to help defend Lebron James, thus there is no opposition to his 3-point shooting. Ray Allen is playing in the “Void” or Will level. You must study this sufficiently.

There is one thing evil should not do: Hurt our helpless and innocent children. Ray’s son Walker needs insulin injections five times a day. While a little extra normal play time is natural and healthy for normal children, it could mean the difference between life and death to Walker. Just a normal life for Ray and his wife with Walker – is this really too much to ask? ProSportTips.com intends to bump back when disease goes ‘bump in the night’ – all children have the right to a healthy and normal life. We at ProSportTips.com support the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

Donate to Ray Allen’s favorite charity, the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation at www.jdrf.org. I have diabetes, which has decreased my sight in my left eye. I have a personal grudge against this disease.

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[1] An old samurai warrior trick to check your stroke from the neck down is to stand in a pool of water and practice your feet, hips, and body shooting form. If your body goes forward or backward, you have inefficient, off balance movement and your percentage will be low. You should jump up and down in exactly the same spot. The water tends to exaggerate your movements and makes any deviation from a perfect efficient movement noticeable. If your body twists or rotates, then you, again, have an inefficient, off balance stroke. Ideally you should move straight up and down, leaving and landing in the exact same spot without any twisting or rotating of your body.

The same can be done with your arms, wrist and fingers. Lay vertically in about a foot of water and practice your arm, wrist, and finger stroke release point. If you feel pressure on your elbow or wrist to move outside of a perfectly straight line, then you have an inefficient movement. The less pressure you feel in your shoulder, elbow, and wrist, the more efficient and accurate your shot will be. Once again, the water will exaggerate any inefficient movement, making it very noticeable. To really exaggerate and perfect the shooting form, use a swimmer’s hand stroke paddle. This will put even more pressure on your shoulder, elbow, wrist, and fingers to emphasize any inefficiency in your stroke. Once you feel the perfect stroke, then remember perfect-practice-at-near-game-speed-with-repetition makes perfect.

[2] Another way some ancient warriors fixed their form was through continuous repetitive practice until the body got extremely tired with the movement. When the body tired, it tried to make the movement easier and more efficient, thus naturally correcting any flaws that may exist in the movement. When you’re tired, listen to your body and what corrections it needs to make. Be relaxed as much as possible. Follow the lead of your body and make your form perfect.



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