Michael Jordan – The Best And Most Complete Game

Take the mystique away from the name, then we can take a look at his game.

Technique Considerations

The triple threat – the catch and shoot, low dribble, threat position with the ball in both hands inches from the floor (among others) –gives Michael the track-type explosive spring starting position, for an explosive penetrating move shooting strategy or passing angle. This coupled with the hip fakes, shoulder fakes, head fakes, pump fakes, really keeps his opposition guessing.

Being a relatively tall shooting guard with great jumping ability his jump shot fade away appears to be his anytime, any place move. Michael really capitalizes on his natural talents. A unique part of the low triple threat stance is his ability to penetrate with either foot. There is no jab step thus he can penetrate with either leg. The whole body moves naturally with its normal left–right walking movement as in every day life.

His 2’s and 3’s stroke is efficient from the explosive power of the jump to the wrist and finger release, a “one-beat” natural flow of straight efficient lines. Michael Jordan is known for his “one-beat” explosive left and right quick speed move techniques. He keeps his options open, that of moving either foot, as in natural walking.


Michael Jordan’s perimeter shot is a “one-beat” catch and shoot rhythm even off his dribble. The rim shots are either a “one-beat” jumping off both legs with explosive power or a “two-beat” one-legged floating type of shot where he could change body positions in mid-air. This may be a really good tip for the rookie: a speed and “one-beat” catch and shoot technique on the perimeter while using both a “one-beat” speed technique and a “two-beat” position technique when attacking the rim. Michael Jordan’s natural game rhythm was a little bit faster than the opposition thus forcing the opposition to play a little faster than they would like to play. This kept the opposition off balance and out of their own natural game rhythm.


Michael Jordan’s trademark is naturally powerful explosive jumping with a nice efficient wrist and finger stroke. This made the game easy in the first two levels, that of Technique and Rhythm. This foundation was excellent in preparing Michael Jordan for the top two skill levels, Focus and Will.


I am not sure which came next for Michael Jordan. Did the Focus lead to the development of the Will or did the Will lead to the development of the Focus. At any rate, it shows the interdependency of these two levels. Michael Jordan’s peripheral vision – knowing where everyone is on the court – enabled him to see his own team’s and players’ strategy, as well as the opposing players’ strategy and their team’s strategy.  This enabled him to move his own teammates and the opposing players around the court until winning was inevitable and there was no opposition, the “Void.” Michael Jordan’s target or shooting vision was a bi-product of his peripheral vision, and a natural outgrowth of a winning attitude, where he focused solely on the middle of the basket just before his wrist and finger released the ball.

Will or “Void”

As a great player, Michael Jordan imposed his Will on the opposing players, as well as his own teammates. It wasn’t until near the end of his career that he played in the “Void” and the championships followed. Eventually there will be someone who is bigger, stronger or faster than you even if it’s just because of Father Time. Playing in the “Void” was the easiest way for Michael Jordan to win and keep winning, and it can be for you too.

Best of luck to you, Michael Jordan!   Thanks for the inspiration and tips you have given us from watching your game and your interviews.

Visit Michael Jordan’s Celebrity Invitational Golf website to learn how to contribute to Michael’s favorite charities: www.mjcigolf.com/charities.



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