Allen Iverson – A One-on-One Specialist

Perfection in Technique, Rhythm, and Squeeze

Speed, speed, and more speed. That’s Allen Iverson, a 6′ point guard who wrote the book on small, speed point guards.

Where Magic wrote the book on the “two-beat” position big point guard and the big style of dribbling and shooting, Allen Iverson set the stage for such point guards as the Tony Parker-, Derrick Rose- and Chris Paul-type of explosive speed point guard, a natural “one-beat” passing, dribbling, and shooting style.

If you really pay attention to how Allen Iverson walks in his natural everyday walking, you will see his dribbling style. His dribbling style is very comparable to his natural walking style:  left-right, or right-left footwork and body movement. Allen Iverson practices his dribbling technique whenever he is walking – the extreme of Technique skill development. That’s the reason so many point guards use his Technique and Rhythm. It’s a Michael Jordan-type of left-right, repetitive style of penetration: either catch and shoot, or off the dribble.

Allen Iverson kept the opposing player continually guessing as his natural crossover dribbling paved the way for his penetration shooting and passing (dribbling in front between the legs, and in back of the body). Allen Iverson used his explosive speed to gain separation from his opponent. His extreme “one-beat” speed rhythm was the foundation for his shooting, dribbling and passing. Many natural point guards have adopted this Technique, Rhythm and explosive Squeeze style of play, including Steve Nash, Derrick Rose, John Stockton and Chris Paul. They all, in the main, use his “one-beat,” explosive power dribbling, passing, and shooting style. The key for rookies is realizing that Allen Iverson didn’t use the speed Technique with a “two-beat” Rhythm style of shooting, passing or dribbling. He decided on speed, and adopted the Technique, Rhythm, and Squeeze explosive power to perfect his skills.

Allen Iverson used a powerful explosive “one-beat” takeoff platform set up by a hop into his jump shot, either on a catch and shoot or off the dribble.  The main key here is that, again, everything here was the same from Technique to Squeeze, all in a “one-beat” explosive speed style of play. This was natural in his everyday walking. This style was easy to perfect in his overall game. It was also extremely attractive to many of the smaller point guards of our modern era.

Allen Iverson’s Target Vision “Focus” was repetitive. He used a anytime-anywhere “one-beat” stroke, set up by his “one-beat” catch and shoot Technique, or his “one-beat” dribbling and passing Technique. Allen Iverson perfected his Technique, Rhythm and Squeeze skill levels to such a degree that it was his sheer speed that gave him the separation from his opposition in dribbling, shooting and passing.

It was at the Peripheral Vision Focus level skill and the Will level skill that kept Allen Iverson from being in the same category as Jordan, Bird or Magic. Allen Iverson developed an extremely perfected Technique, Rhythm and Squeeze. This enabled him to be an extremely effective 1-on-1 scoring point guard. His perfected skills from the Squeeze level down led to conflicts with his teammates and coaches, who had a particular player or team strategy they wanted used against the opposition. Allen Iverson, with his perfected skill levels, had no need or use for his own players’ strategy or the coach’s team strategy. His anytime-any place style of shooting, set up by his speed Technique, Rhythm and Squeeze, made it possible for him to get his shot almost at will. However, eventually there is always someone that is faster than your speed, thus if you don’t develop your Peripheral Vision Focus and see the total ongoing strategy of the other players and your team, and the opponents’ team, then you can’t play at the Focus and Will or “Void” levels, thus you become obsolete.

Listen carefully:  Allen Iverson’s main tip to rookies, when dealing with the opposition one on one is to determine their school of strategy or basketball style, assess their quality, know their strong and weak points. Then knowing your own strong and weak points, attack in an unsuspecting manner.

From the Squeeze level through the Rhythm level down to the Technique level, Allen Iverson was the blueprint for many small point guards playing in the NBA today.

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